Ariana Grande reveals she’s pregnant with baby girl

Ariana “Tatianna” Grande, 28, has revealed she is expecting her third child with boyfriend James Blake.

The singer revealed the news during an interview with Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday night.

She said she and Blake had been dating for over a year, but the couple broke up a few months ago after he began to have issues with his health.

She described him as a ‘nice guy’ but also a ‘tough one’.

“We just had a lot of issues with each other, but he wasn’t the same person that I knew.”

I was happy that he was able to be healthy, but I was sad that I was not able to have a baby with him.

“A photo of the couple shared on social media appeared to show Grande’s husband, James Blake, standing next to her at a restaurant in Los Angeles on Friday.

He also shared a photo of himself with a friend on Instagram, captioned: “Titanic”In a statement on Twitter, Blake said the couple were “trying to work through issues”.”

James and I are working hard to heal and be ready to move forward, we love each other and we want to share the happiness of our relationship with the world,” he wrote.”

We are grateful for the outpouring of love and support that has come from the fans and friends around the world.””

Our focus is on the people who are affected by the loss and want us to be strong and continue to heal.

“Our lives are precious to us and we are always looking to do better.”

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