Which tea bar will be the most popular in Austin?

The top tea bars in Austin are getting a boost this year. 

The Austin Tea Party will hold its grand opening celebration on Sunday, June 18, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.p.m., with vendors like Tootsie Rolls and Tea Tree Tea serving free tea, a special selection of tea bags, a special admission menu, and a commemorative glass. 

“This is a wonderful time to be in Austin, so come join us and get to know our community and share in our passion for tea,” the Austin Tea party said in a news release. 

According to the Texas Association of Tea Clubs, tea consumption is on the rise.

The Austin Tea Parties mission is to promote and protect tea culture. 

More than 70 percent of tea drinkers in Austin drink tea, according to the Austin American-Statesman. 

Tootsie Roll, an Austin tea bar, said they were adding a new menu item for the grand opening: the Mountain Tea Puff, which has the flavors of mountain tea, a sweet milk tea, and a mint, along with the Chocolate and Chocolate Mousse. 

On Sunday, they will offer a limited selection of teas, including a variety of tea styles, including black tea, black tea with milk, and the Tea from the Mountain, which features black tea. 

Tea Bar Austin said it will be adding a few more teas and offerings to the grand openings, including some seasonal items like a tea bar snack bar. 

Tea bar owners say the grand entrances will make the tea more appealing for customers. 

Austin Tea Party’s grand opening festivities will feature a special menu of teabags, specialty tea bags and commemorative glasses. 

You can get tickets for Trees in the Park, which is scheduled to open on July 9, and will be hosting tea parties and other events on Saturday, June 17, from 10 a.m.-4 p.t. in the city’s Austin Park, according to the Austin Tea parties website. 

If you want to try a special tea, Tea Tree is offering the Dress Up  special tea to tea drinkers at no additional charge, the Austin Chronicle reports. 

For more news on Austin, visit the Texas Tribune and the Austin American-Stateman.

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