10 ways to treat sunburn

Detox tea studio founder T.A. Sun has a simple, yet powerful, idea: treat your skin like it’s your own personal spa.

The studio, founded in 2008 in a small tea-maker shop in the mountains of China, makes detox teas, which are steeped in tea leaves and minerals, which detoxify the skin.

The tea-makers, whose name translates to “clean tea,” also make tea extracts, which can be used to treat any kind of sunburn.

“There’s something very soothing about drinking tea that’s not too strong or too strong, like tea with water,” Sun said.

“You can drink that tea in the morning and feel the cooling effects.

The best thing about tea is that it’s not harsh.

So it feels like you’re drinking a warm tea.”

The teas are then stored in an airtight cup, and a special blend of minerals is used to break down the complex components of tea, which includes carbon dioxide, water, and tea tree oil.

In some cases, the extract can be left on your skin for a day to break up the complex compounds and help you feel calmer and more hydrated.

Sun also uses a mixture of tea and tea extract to treat her sunburns, and says that in her own experience, the tea extracts help prevent sunburn and other symptoms.

“You’re using tea to detoxify your body, not to fix it,” Sun told the Associated Press.

“It’s not just about making the tea, it’s about using it to get rid of the problem.”

She added that the tea leaves contain high levels of tea tree extracts, and that many of the tea drinkers she knows are looking for a “pure” herbal tea to get their fix.

“I’m so grateful to have found this company, because I feel like I can make my own tea,” Sun explained.

“I feel like it works for me.”

Sun said she has never used anything other than tea for sunburn treatment.

“My only experience with other herbal tea products is that I was on a plane when my husband started sunburn,” Sun recalled.

“He asked if he could take my tea, and I said no, but then he tried it, and he said it helped.”

Sun’s experience is not unique.

Several studies have shown that herbal tea extracts may help treat sunstroke.

And the effects are more profound than just removing toxins.

Sun’s company is currently testing an extract called tea tree juice, which contains some of the same components of the traditional Chinese herbal tea, but which is much more powerful.

The effects of tea extract have been studied by several groups, including the World Health Organization and the World Trade Organization.

Sun and her colleagues are now looking into the use of tea extracts to treat various types of sunspots and skin conditions, like rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, and psorosis.

But what if you have more complex skin?

Is there something you can do to treat your acne, psoriatic arthritis, or more?

If you’re an avid skincare user, you can still try to treat acne by incorporating essential oils and botanicals in your routine.

But if you’re a fan of detox tea, Sun says it’s a great way to get in touch with the essence of tea.

“If you’re like me and have lots of allergies, you’ll be happy to know that I have a natural skincaria,” Sun explains.

“Tea has been used to heal skin and skin problems for hundreds of years.

It’s one of the most powerful natural remedies for any skin condition.”

Sun also says the tea is a powerful detoxifier.

“It helps break down proteins, which helps reduce inflammation and inflammation leads to disease,” she said.

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