A slim tea recipe that makes milk tea taste like chocolate

A slim, fluffy, soft drink that tastes like chocolate, but tastes just as good as regular milk tea.

It’s the perfect drink for those who want a creamy, soft, and chocolaty treat but not overly sweet.

The result is Milk Tea, which uses only milk.

And while the drink has a rich and creamy taste, it’s not as sugary as other milk teas.

It also doesn’t contain any sugar, so it’s a drink that will satisfy any sweet tooth without being too sweet.

The recipe was originally created for a restaurant called The Coffee House, which opened in March 2016.

The owner, Lisa Williams, wanted to create a drink with a rich, creamy flavour, and she said it wasn’t possible to create the milk tea without adding sugar.

“I think milk tea is the ultimate sugar-free drink,” she said.

“It’s a great combination of creamy and chocolate.”

The drink is made with a mix of almond milk and white chocolate.

It’s also made with an extra ingredient: a sweetener called agave nectar.

“It’s like adding some sweetener to milk,” Williams said.

“You don’t really want to add it, but you can add it to make the drink sweet.

It adds that sweetness and is really good for a drink like this.”

The sweetener is sweetened with honey and vanilla extract.

“They really do work very well together,” Williams explained.

“We have to blend it with agave.

You need agave to get the full effect.”

She said the drink tasted great even when she added more sugar.

The milk tea, which has been available at The Coffee Home for a few months, is now sold on the menu at more than 50 restaurants.

Williams said the restaurant had sold about 300 glasses of the slim milk tea in the first two months of operation.

“We have sold about 200 bottles so far,” she added.

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