A tea steeped in passion flower tea recipe: a tea steep recipe with pictures

The recipe for this tea was inspired by a beautiful photo of a tea tree in a forest.

I wanted to make something inspired by nature and I found a tree with passion flower flowers and then used that as a base.

A bit of passion flower in a tea leaves recipe, I thought.

A passion flower is an aromatic flower that has the ability to evoke a sense of love and connection, but it is also quite bitter and it can also turn sour.

A few days ago I made a few teas with passion flowers in them and it became quite popular.

I also used tea leaves as a substitute for a bitter tea and that’s what the recipe below is.

I love that passion flower leaves are used in tea, especially for tea steeps, so I thought this would be an interesting tea recipe.

The ingredients for the tea are all you need: 1 cup white tea (I used the brand named Naga) 1 cup water 1 cup passion flower (I love this variety, and this recipe is pretty close to the original one) 1 teaspoon coriander powder 1 teaspoon ginger powder 1.

Mix the water, tea leaves and corianders in a cup and then add the ginger powder.


Pour the mixture into the cup and steep for 15-20 minutes.


Remove the tea leaves from the heat and pour it into a tea cup.


Serve the tea as a tea drop with a piece of butter.

The recipe below calls for a little bit of coriand ginger powder and a bit of water, so be sure to add a little more of that.

I think this tea would be a lovely addition to any green tea drinker’s cup of tea.

If you make this recipe, snap a picture and tag it #inspiredtourist on Instagram so I can see it.

If anyone wants to share their own passion flower recipe, please do so too! Enjoy!

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