Why are yoghurt bars called yoghurts?

A video that appeared on the YouTube channel “Yogi Yogi” has been trending on social media this week.

The clip shows a Yogi Yogi telling his friends about his favourite breakfast food, the boba tea.

“It’s my favourite breakfast and if you haven’t tried it, just buy it,” the Yogi says.

The Yogi also suggests they go to the store and buy a box of it.

But while he’s talking about his favorite breakfast food and his favourite tea, the Yogis favourite boba drink has taken centre stage.

Yogi is in a YouTube video where he is making fun of the bobs, a milk tea he loves.

He is making a video in which he says: “I love this tea because I don’t drink milk tea.

I just get it from the milk.”

Yogi, who is known for his humorous videos, is also known for making some controversial comments about the royal family and other celebrities.

In January, he called Prince Harry a “wussy” for being involved in the #NotYourShield protests.

This year, Yogi has been criticised for making comments about actress Scarlett Johansson and her family in an Instagram post that was seen by millions.

In a series of tweets, Yogis daughter Yvonne Yogi shared an image of the post.

“When the royal children get too big for their bobs I will make boba.

The boba is good.

I will send you the recipe,” she said.

The Yogis comments about his daughter and her siblings have caused outrage on social networks, where they have been retweeted more than 14 million times.

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