Tequila’s tea tree oil could make you super healthy

Tequila is the latest to have come out with an oil for its tequila.

The drink company, which has an international footprint, recently introduced a tequila-derived drink called Tequila de Barcelon, which uses its tea tree oils.

The company also has its own tea tree products.

Now, Tequila has teamed up with the University of Chicago and has developed an oil that can treat a wide range of conditions.

It is not the first time that tequila has partnered with a university.

Last year, the company released a tequilas tequila oil.

The research comes at a time when the world is facing an epidemic of liver disease.

Last month, the World Health Organization declared Tequila America’s Most Reviving Drink.

Tequila Tequila oil, which is extracted from tequila, is being marketed as a natural treatment for liver diseases, including liver cancer.

Tequileria Tequila, the brand that was founded by former Tequila brand CEO and founder Tequila Jimenez in 2011, was founded in Mexico.

It has since expanded to include tequila infused tequila and tequila tequila cocktails, as well as its own brand.

Teaquileria has also recently opened an office in the United Kingdom and is currently working with the Department of Health and Wellbeing in the U.K. to produce tequila oils that could be used for the treatment of liver and pancreas cancers.

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