What is tea?

Teas are a great way to enjoy a hot beverage with no effort at all.

But the most popular tea in India has to be the chai-tea.

The tea-house is one of the most famous of India’s tea estates.

This is where tea is grown, processed and then shipped to India’s major tea-growing centres.

Teas are sold in the market to tourists, who often bring home a taste of the tea they sampled.

Chai-Teas have long been popular with India’s upper middle class and upper classes with more than 1,000 tea houses around the country.

They are made with sweet, fruity, floral and fruity aromas and flavours and are often topped with a dollop of sugar.

A chai Tea can be a regular tea or a special occasion tea.

It is also used for tea ceremonies, weddings and celebrations.

How to enjoy tea?

The chai teas available in the markets are the cheapest and most affordable.

But they are not just cheap tea.

They are delicious.

In India, there are many tea shops selling chai.

Here are a few of our favourites:A tea house that sells chai and other specialty teas like teas with an artificial flavour or a fragrance, tea bags and teas that have a special scent, and teapots for making tea.

A tea shop selling chauleye tea, a very sweet tea that can be brewed with an instant coffee powder or a coffee powder of herbal, fizzy or super sweet milk.

A tea shop with a variety of teas, from the traditional chai to the more exotic teas that are made to order.

You can also buy chai at tea houses all over India.

The tea is traditionally brewed with milk.

Tea bags are available in different types, ranging from the traditional ones to the tea bags with an aroma of green tea. 

A tea station with sugar and a tea pot.

These are also popular and available in many markets.

The Changkak Tea Tea Station in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

If you like chai, you will love Chandra, a tea shop in Kerala.

Chandra’s menu of teacakes has many teas ranging from teapots to tea bags. 

Chandra is a tea store in Thiruvannamalai, Kerala that has a collection of Chandragupta tea tea baskets.

Serve Chariots in Chirikala in Kerala You will have a lot of options when you go to the famous Chariots tea shop.

Chariot Tea is famous for its soups and chocolate milk.

Chariot offers a variety of different kinds of chips and teacups to suit your taste.

 Chariota is a traditional teachings tea shop, that offers traditional Chargos teacakes for teachers, students and students.

Chai Charkha, a Chariota teacher’s shop in Thilappuram in Kerala is famous all over Kerala for its Charkhas teafood and Charkhas tea.

Charity chai bowls A variety of bowls can be made for the needy with the help of a volunteer.

The most popular one is the Charya, which is made with a cup filled with a mix of different vegetables, fruit and spices.

Chakra Charias A Chakra Charya is made from a mixture of various vegetables and spices and is used by many schools and hospitals in Kerala for special occasions.

Chakra has its own special blend of spices and fruits.

Chakki Chakra A simple, colourful chakki is served at a chakra chakra, a public event held every year.

When people come to Chakra, they are treated to a festive atmosphere where they sit in front of a beautiful chakra and watch the performances.

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