What do you think about the new ‘Tea Room’ in the tea room

ENGLISH:  “We’ve had tea rooms before, but this is the first time we’ve had a full-blown one.” 

MARK: “I think it’s fantastic, I think it makes for a more intimate setting for the staff.” 

MARTIN: The space is very intimate, so much so that the staff will be staying in one room to make tea.

And the room itself will have a kitchenette and a wine bar.

We know that the tea will be made in one of two different types of teas: 1) tea for guests, and 2) tea made by staff.

For those of you who are wondering about the red rose tea that’s being brewed, it’s made by a tea teacher.

MARTINEZ: I’ve had this tea for years.

I used to make it at home, and I always had the red roses.

So this is a big deal.

“If you can’t afford to go to the teahouse, go to this tea room,” Mark said.

But wait, you say.

Yes, the teatime is free and the staff is all paid, but will I get a cup of tea?

MARCH: Absolutely, Mark said, and the room will also have a bar. 

MARK AND MARTHA: It will be a small bar, so it will be like a small restaurant, Mark explained.

Mark said it will have one or two teas, and there will be something to do, such as watching a movie.

It’ll be good for those of us who like to sit around, enjoy the afternoon.

The tea room will be open 24 hours a day.

There will also be a large range of products available, including tea bags, a selection of tea plates and a tea tray, Mark and Martha explained. 

They also have some new merchandise available to buy, including teas and a collection of books.MARK & MARTHa: We’ve got a lot of books available.

One book is a book about tea, called ‘Tea for Tea’: “It’s written by a Tea Room staff member who has worked in tea for many years.

It has everything you need to know about the art of making tea, the art and science of tea making.” 

And there will also also be books on health and wellness, and on food and drink.

You can even try some tea yourself and enjoy it.

A book on tea making, by the way, will be on display at the tea hall.

 MARCH & MARtha: We’ll be there at 9.30am. MARTHA :  The tea hall is opening from 9am. 

MARTHAN: Our tea room is open until 5pm on Sunday, January 21. 

(Image: © 2016 RTE)

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