How to make tea in your tea kettle

The best way to brew your favourite tea is to buy a tea kettle and take it with you, but if you’re a tea lover, you might want to try it at home.

That’s because the new “caffeinated in tea” product from Ding Tea says you can make tea while your kettle is in use.

The brand says it’s not just about caffeine.

“It’s really about using the tea kettle as a catalyst for the brewing process and not the tea itself,” says brand manager Robyn Lee.

“And it’s really important to remember that this is tea.”

The company’s products include a coffee maker, tea kettle, water bottle, and a glass tea tray.

“The tea itself is what it’s about,” Lee says.

“What we’re really excited about is this concept of the tea as catalyst, that tea is what the kettle is for.”

There are two ingredients to the tea: tea and caffeine.

Tea has an estimated caffeine content of 5.2 milligrams per 100 millilitres, while caffeine is estimated to be around 4.4 milligram per 100 mL.

Lee says it took several years for Ding to come up with the idea to sell a tea and water that both contained caffeine, but it was a natural extension of what the company already did.

The coffee maker is a single-piece ceramic cup with a lid and a built-in heat shield.

The cup has a lid that has a hole for air to enter and a lid for steam to exit.

The lid is sealed with a silicone membrane that keeps water out.

Lee tells CBC News the cup is available in two sizes: small for one person and large for two people.

She says it is best to use it with your water bottle.

“There’s no difference,” she says.

The tea kettle is designed to fit into a cup holder.

“This tea kettle can be used in your kitchen, in your dining room, or even in your office,” Lee said.

“I think you can use it in a shower or in your home or anywhere that you need to brew tea.”

Lee says her company has been brewing tea in the home for years and was looking to expand into other industries.

“So this idea of the cup as catalyst is really just a continuation of that tradition,” she said.

The company was able to sell the cup in Canada, but not in the United States.

“We don’t have the market in the U.S.,” Lee said, but the company plans to introduce the cup to other markets.

“If you’re in the market, just say ‘thank you,'” Lee says, adding that it’s something that’s on her radar.

“That’s what we want to do.”

Ding Tea has more than 50 stores across Canada.

“Caffeine is a very important ingredient in the brewing of tea,” Lee explained.

“For some people, the best thing to do is to drink their tea while they are brewing it, but for others it may not be a great idea to have it in their coffee.

This idea of a tea as catalyzer is really a continuation in that way.”

Lee added that her company is not the first to make a coffee drink using caffeine.

She said there are many other coffee makers available, and she would like to see other companies embrace the idea.

“Right now, there are a lot of companies that are trying to market their coffee as tea,” she added.

“But that’s not the way it works.

You can’t just brew tea and then put it in your coffee cup.

So that’s the reason why we decided to make this tea.”

Ding is now offering a limited edition of its coffee drink that comes in a glass container.

Lee said the company has not set a price for the tea or coffee drink.

The product will go on sale in the fall, and Lee said she would love to see it go on store shelves in the future.

“Maybe by the time it’s in the store, we’ll be able to get it in the hands of customers,” Lee joked.

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